Keepoint 7 – about

Saora, an information management products and services
Companies, announced the launch of the new version of the website
Information management software, keepoint line of products,
� Keepoint 7 series. The new series, of which products
� Keepoint 7 and keepoint 7 professional, designed to meet the network
Information management needs of all Internet users, families, and
As a professional, students and researchers in academic and
Enterprise environment.

� Keepoint on the 7th affinity, which is its flagship product keepoint
The family, after thorough revision, keepoint 1.0. This is
Designed for professionals to gather and collaboration html / xml the
According to the information, either from the Internet or intranet.
Keepoint on the 7th and pro-, which can not only save Web Content
A single click of the mouse, but also assigned Keywords and other
Context index, they (keepas), the Notes / highlighted text
Among them, send the annotated pages by e-mail and exported to
Desktop / external device or extract and save only the necessary
Information from a web page (selected area, images only, links
Only, etc.).

And keepoint, there is no need for designated documents or folders
Destinations. Keepoint automatically all, and the organization of network
Research results, it is easily accessible in time and
Sorting contents of the order or search index. By
The introduction of the concept of Ji-innovative tools to enable users
Can define its own rescue procedure, and agreed with them
Simply click the keepoint 7 series, is expected to take the Internet
Information management tools to a new class, network research
Engine, which enables us beyond the search engines, and the
Internet a truly useful tool, which is expected to be. Keepoint on the 7th
Pro-can be used as a softcopy for 79.95 US dollars and as a package
� 99.95 US dollars from

� Keepoint 7 is the basis for products of this series, and have all
Features keepoint on the 7th Council, in order to save as many as 99. This is
Designed to fully meet the non-professional information network
The collection requirements, and available to all Internet users free of charge
Responsible person (for downloading
� / download.asp). Keepoint on the 7th which can be expanded to
Keepoint buy permits unlimited pages on the 7th affinity.

The keepoint 7 Professional Edition, please to
Accreditation and / or other entities. For more information, please visit,, or contact the company at saora
408-973-7840 or e-mail


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