Keepoint 7 and Keepad – Price

kee<p>oint ® online is a new addition to the Keepoint family of products, which enables you to create your research pages and work on them. It has all the ‘kee’ features of the Keepoint series, namely Keep this page, Keep link, annotate and share, as well as the added advantage of being saved online, so that you can access your saved information from anywhere.
Keepoint 7

Keepoint 7 is the base product of the new series which can be expanded to Keepoint 7 Pro or Keepad ®. It allows you to enjoy the full functionality of Keepoint 7 Pro (including Keepad), indefinitely for saving /working on up to 99 web pages, FREE of charge.

Keepad ® is a new product line of the Keepoint family, based on the KeeTools concept, introduced with Keepoint 7. KeeTools help you do all your web information gathering at the touch of a button – navigating, searching, saving as well as categorizing and more.
Keepoint 7 Pro

With Keepoint 7 Pro, you can not only save the web contents with a single mouse click (with or without KeeTools) , but also assign keywords to them, annotate / highlight on them, export/ send by email or extract and save only the necessary information, all without ever leaving the browser.

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