Microsoft Onfolio – Onfolio is an outstanding note taking application that lets you collect information from web pages as well as all other Windows programs (like Excel, Outlook, Notepad, etc) so you have a central repository of all content captured from websites, emails, screenshots and documents.

onfolio note taking Onfolio provides some very unique features. For instance, you can capture complete websites or single web pages in their entirety including CSS, Javascripts and images so the captured web page looks the same even in offline mode. Onfolio can also download PDF files and Microsoft Office documents from the web with a simple click.

You can also assign colored flags to captured content. The tool is integrated with Windows Live Writer and all popular blog services so you can quickly publish scrapped content onto your blog with proper attribution to the original source.

A limiting point is that Onfolio stores all the content to your local hard drive and so you may not have access to your web research on another computer. You can however export web clipping as compressed web pages (MHT) and share them via email attachments.

Onfolio can either run as a standalone desktop application or as a sidebar in Internet Explorer provided you have installed Windows Live Toolbar.


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