Blog as a Web research tool

WWW's Image via Wikipedia

My colleague Andraž Tori in Twine has nicely proposed to try product Zemanta.

I have downloaded and test how it helps me to create a new post.

It’s the first post for testing.

At the right is the suggested image from the Gallery

Below is an extract from the suggested article

Previously reviewed by TechCrunch, Zemanta offers itself as a useful tool to help make blogger’s post “more vibrant.”

Currently available only in Firefox and Internet Exploer (the latter still in beta testing), Zemanta’s main goal is to provide to help bloggers find relevant links to their articles by suggesting related content through words and images on the side (after you install it).

One of the great things about Zemanta is that it actually scans the web for Creative Commons content, so bloggers will be able to post useful images without the fear of being sued by an angry photographer/artist (provided they link back that is).



2 Responses to Blog as a Web research tool

  1. andraz says:

    thanks for reviewing us!

  2. Amit Aviv says:


    I wrote a FireFox extension that helps bloggers easily add links to their posts. It uses Google search for link suggestions (not only Wikipedia) and OpenCalais for the semantic analysis.
    It’s still alpha code, but I think it’s already useful and fun to use.
    Check it out in
    Would love to hear what you think

    Thanks, Amit.

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