100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner

You can find an interesting  list of 100 tools.

Categories of tools:

  • Visual Learners

    Visual learners learn through seeing and retain more information when it’s presented in the form of pictures, diagrams, visual presentations, textbooks, handouts and videos. Here are some Web resources that cater to those needs.

    Mind Mapping

    Get your ideas charted out in a visual format with these easy-to-use online brainstorming and organizational tools.

  • Charting and Diagrams

    Love to put information into charts and diagrams? These tools can help you do that.

  • Videos and Photos

    Find everything you’ll need to learn through videos and pictures with these tools.

  • Auditory Learners

    Auditory learners do best in classes where listening is a main concern. These learners prefer verbal lectures and discussions. Auditory learners can get a leg up on their learning with these Web tools

  • Podcasts

    Get all kind of supplementary education materials through these great podcast tools.

  • Presentation Tools

    Put your notes or classroom information into an audio format with these handy apps.

  • Audio Tools

    Listen and edit your sounds and music with these tools.

  • Text Readers

    Understand material better when it’s read out loud? These Web tools can do that for you.

  • Audio Books

    Those who have trouble retaining information from printed words can listen to their assigned reading instead with help from these sites.

  • Kinesthetic Learners

    Kinesthetic learners do best when they interact and touch things. They prefer a hands-on approach to learning and enjoy interacting with classroom materials and those around them. These tools can help keep these inquisitive learners busy.

  • Note Taking Tools

    No matter what you’re reading or watching you can make it more interactive by taking notes and these tools can help.

  • Bookmarking

    Mark references for later while you’re researching with these tools.

  • Interaction

    Get involved with the material with these online applications.

  • Collaboration

    These chatting and networking tools can make it easy to interact with classmates and friends

You can find and other lists of tools if you click buttons on the left or right of the title.


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