Easy-to-use Web clipping tool “ClipClip”

July 22, 2008

Today I have started to try very simple and easy to use Web clipping tool ClipClip.

You need to drag and drop only two buttons to your toolbar:

  • clipclip button
  • My Clip.

When you select part of web page to save you click the first button “clipclip button”

When you want to see your saved clips you click “My clips” button.

Before saving a clip you add tags (may consists of a few words), edit title of the clip (if you need) and add you short comment (note) about the clip.

As the tool lacks folders you need to carefully select the right tags to re-use your clips.

Other options – create a new group and save you clips to an appropriate group.

Before creating a new group you should check if such a group is absent.

You can select to join a group of your interest as well

and search clips of other members.

You can save your clip as a private one or as a public one.


A very interesting blog about notemarking

July 10, 2008

Today I have found a very interesting blog Cloudnotes about
notetaking and bookmarking on the web, or notemarking..

The term “NOTEMARKING” is coined by blog author. Author’s preliminary definition
Notemarking is
“The use of software, either client- or web-based, to store, organize, search, manage, and potentially share or synchronize information, including—but not limited to—Web content and hyperlinks.”

Blog author points out blog content:
This blog is born out of frustration. There’s no one perfect solution for taking notes on the Web. But there’s no shortage of imperfect, not-quite-there applications and ideas. This is my quest for the best way to keep our heads in the clouds.

Blog author evaluates Evernote, Google Notebook, Zoho Note and other tools and
writes about his proposal.

I strongly recommend to subscribe to the blog Cloudnotes.

And I want once more to remind different related terms concerning Web research:

  • Web research
  • Online research
  • Internet research
  • e-research
  • Web clipping
  • Notemarking
  • Online Notebook (e.g., Google Notebook, Zoho Notebook).