Wired-Marker – an useful Firefox extension

Japanese have developed an interesting Firefox extension Wired-Marker.
It is very useful for me as it operates using slow internet ( I use such in the village).

Wired-Marker is a permanent (indelible) highlighter that you use on Web pages. The highlighter, which comes in various colors and styles, is a kind of electronic bookmark that serves as a guide when you revisit a Web page. The highlighted content is automatically recorded in a bookmark and saved. To use Wired-Marker, you simply drag and drop the selected sections into a bookmark folder. You can highlight not only text but also pictures, tables, and selected portions of the screen. You can even add notes to the highlighted items.”

Main features:

  • Use as an “indelible highlighter” on Web pages

    Use as an electronic bookmark
    Use as a scrapbook folder
    Use as a structural organization tool for information
    Other useful functions (export, template creation, image capture, etc)


3 Responses to Wired-Marker – an useful Firefox extension

  1. S Cross says:

    That actually looks like a pretty cool add on. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

  2. I use diigo that has highlighter feature plus more.

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