Ubernote – a new free tool

August 28, 2008

I have started to try a new tool Ubernote .

The main features:

  • saving selected Web information (clips or bookmarks),
  • type notes or send them by email to Ubernote,
  • sharing with your friends (choose whether they edit or simply read)
  • add notes to UberNote using your mobile phone.

The tool has a nice and easy to use interface.
Other nice feature – I use the tool using slow internet in the village. It is faster than Google Note or some other but slower than Evernote.

You can sort notes by different ways. You need carefully add tags to notes as there is no files and you can find  and reuse your notes only by sorting and browsing, by searching, by selecting tags, by selecting marked important notes.
It would be useful if a few importance levels would be used.

A short info about tool developers.

UberNote is the work of a few Penn State University graduates who have been building software for the past 10 years across many industries.