Biznar – beta free and the first federated search portal AND business research website

October 23, 2008

I recommend to try a new  Biznar (, a publicly available business research website:

“Deep Web Technologies debuted a beta version of the first of its line of free, federated search portals, Biznar (, a publicly available business research website. Using Deep Web’s highly sought-after federated search technology, Explorit Research Accelerator, Biznar scans the best business websites on the Internet, including blogs, news sites, patent sources, search engines and deep web sources, returning the most relevant results to one, easily navigable, ranked page. Federated search is the future of search because of its ease and power to find content not normally indexed by the popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and others.”



Lumifi – a new tool for collaborative research

October 15, 2008

Lumifi is a new free tool for students, academia, professionals and enterprises.

Lumifi integrates different stages of research:

  • searching on the Web
  • content analyzing of websites and papers (documents)
  • typing notes
  • creating a list of notebooks that may be used as parts of your research
  • creating your research.

Lumifi interface needs some time to understand it as Lumifi lack HELP. There is only small FAQ.

Lumifi benefits as it is  is using Synapse content analyzer that enables evaluate search result and provide a small list of relevant search results, generate a summary of website or document and provide a list of topics related to the document.

Synapse content analyzer is a product of two engines – data mining engine and semantic analysis engine.

You will find and more benefits after getting more experience when using Lumifi.l