Simple tool Juice to help research in more detail

A new free tool Juice enables you easily to find more detail information on the Web after selecting a word, text, video or image on any website.

You simply select by right click of the mouse and then drag and drop to the Juice sidebar on the right.

Then you see additional search results that you can select to study in a new window.

When you drag and drop video or image you save them and you can later to see video or image on the new window or open the URL.

Please download Juice as a Firefox add-on and share your opinion about this simple and nice tool. It is not so powerful as other Web research tools (Evernote, Onfolio, Scrapbook, Google notebook, Keepoint) but it enables to browse more information  resources in simple and fast way.

Pay attention that new search is carried on using not keywords but all selected text. It means taht the tool tries to uunderstand the meaning of the selected text and provides context-related search results.

One more intersting feature. I have tried to research websites in Lithuanian, Polish and Russsian languages as well. And I received  interesting search results. I shall research in more detail how search results are generated in different languages.


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