Middlespot – an interesting search tool

December 25, 2008

Today I have tried an interesting search tool that can be usefull as a research tool. http://middlespot.com

It is useful that you can start using the tool at once. You can select some search results for moreadvanced analyzing and save them on your screen.

Below there is an information from their homepage

middlespot.com is a powerful new interface for analyzing and managing your
search results. No plugins, logins or passwords required. Think of us as your
web application for search.\

  • see your results in a gallery you can pan and zoom

  • save individual results to personalized workpads

  • share your research with friends and colleagues

  • manage your research efforts over multiple sessions

NoteScribe – organizational and note taking tool

December 16, 2008

Jake, thank you for your comment.

I shall try Notescribe ASAP.

Below is a copy of  NoteScribe part
Gather, Organize, Find and Share Notes and Information!
Developed for students, NoteScribe, an organizational tool and note taking software, is an easy way to improve note taking skills and categorize and archive all of your digital information; notes (typed or handwritten), pictures, graphics, photos and even audio/video recordings. With NoteScribe, information is stored and quickly accessed by categories, sources, and key words. When you need it, your information is available at the push of a button!
Spend less time looking for your notes, and more time reviewing important information, so you are more prepared for exams, papers and presentations. We designed NoteScribe to be the premier note software for students!

NoteScribe becomes a personal information manager at Home or at Work!
The same note taking software which helps students bring home “A’s” will make your home, home office or business more efficient as well. Whether you are organizing recipes, bills or critical client information, NoteScribe will transform your notes into usable information! This handy tool is an ideal way to organize information as you plan a party, or prepare a presentation. NoteScribe does it all!
See for yourself how easy organizing your notes can be, try NoteScribe FREE for 30 days!


Thumbtack – Microsoft Web clipping service

December 11, 2008

Microsoft Labs Launches New Bookamrking Service

Microsoft has developed a new Web clipping service – Thumbtack.

You can read more on Thumbtack: Microsoft Labs launches New Bookmarking Service

The last sentence from this info source

Better Alternatives

Earlier this week, we looked at Qitera, which has a feature set that is quite similar to Thumbtack’s, but while Thumbtack has a more interesting user interface, the actual bookmarking and information retrieval through Qitera is far superior to Microsoft’s product. Thumbtack also lacks any of the social bookmarking aspects that make Twine, Delicious, or Qitera interesting. Not everybody, of course, is interested in sharing bookmarks, and for those users, Thumbtack is definitely worth trying, though currently, we would recommend Qitera, Delicious, or Ma.gnolia, or the Google Notebook, over Thumbtack.

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