Thumbtack – Microsoft Web clipping service

Microsoft Labs Launches New Bookamrking Service

Microsoft has developed a new Web clipping service – Thumbtack.

You can read more on Thumbtack: Microsoft Labs launches New Bookmarking Service

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Better Alternatives

Earlier this week, we looked at Qitera, which has a feature set that is quite similar to Thumbtack’s, but while Thumbtack has a more interesting user interface, the actual bookmarking and information retrieval through Qitera is far superior to Microsoft’s product. Thumbtack also lacks any of the social bookmarking aspects that make Twine, Delicious, or Qitera interesting. Not everybody, of course, is interested in sharing bookmarks, and for those users, Thumbtack is definitely worth trying, though currently, we would recommend Qitera, Delicious, or Ma.gnolia, or the Google Notebook, over Thumbtack.

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  1. Strzezymir says:


    Znalazlem w sieci ciekawy serwis – moto allegro samochody osobowe. Znalazlem tam ciekawe porady. Nie sadzilem, ze tak duzo tego jest.

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