Yahoo Search Pad – a new web research tool

Today I have received a lot of info about new Yahoo tool – Search Pad that can be used for Web research (online research) and note taking.  Results can be easily printed or send by email.

But I could not test it as only some users can do it.
Search Pad is currently only in testing and is not visible to all users.”

In any case you can look at demo or presentation.

One excerpt

“Search Pad attempts to mitigate search time by “intelligently detecting users’ research intent,” according Yahoo. The feature automatically collects visited sites and provides users with simple tools to organize searches and take notes.

Once triggered, users can edit, delete and re-order notes they have taken about a particular search topic. That information can then be printed out or sent in an email to coworkers, friends and families. Notes can also be saved and accessed at a later date via a user’s Yahoo ID.


One Response to Yahoo Search Pad – a new web research tool

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