College Students: Here are 40 Free, Useful Downloads and Apps

You will find a list of different tools for students – 8 categories including categories:

  • Taking Notes
  • Web research.

Below is the excerpt about two categories of tools:

Taking Notes

  • Notely – Created specifically for students, Notely is a an online note taking tool. It can also be used as a calendar, scheduler, and homework planner.
  • NoteCentric – NoteCentric is an online note taking application that doubles as an organizer. It allows you to save notes locally or as an html file.
  • NoteMesh – This free note taking service is designed for students and study groups who want to collaborate on notes. NoteMesh uses a Wiki format that anyone can edit.
  • shortText – This easy-to-use tool is great when you want to quickly post text online or change notes into a URL. Unlike most free note-taking services, shortText offers instant web presence and requires no log in.
  • MyStickies – MyStickies are like notes for the web. You can bookmark a page and place a little, yellow note on it explaining why you bookmarked it in the first place.

Web Research

  • Web-Chops – This free web app can clip any part of a web page and save it to your own personal topic page.
  • Diigo – Diigo is a virtual highlighter with digital sticky notes. You can use it to highlight and save text on any web page.
  • BlinkList – BlinkList is a bookmarking tool that helps you save your links for later. It’s faster than a Google search and easy to use.
  • Sync2It – This free service lets you synch your bookmarks and store them privately so that they can be used on any computer at any time. Bookmarks on Sync2It can also be accessed via wireless devices.
  • Hooey – Hooey tracks and analyzes the pages you visit so that you can retrieve links and learn how to use the web more effectively.

As you see the list lacks a lot of Web research tools – Evernote, Onfolio, Webnotes, Ubernotes etc.


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