Mendeley – a tool for managing and sharing research papers

A few days ago I have downloaded and started to use Mendeley system. It is “free academic software for managing and sharing research papers”.
You can very easy create your own library on the Mendeley website and  save online your pdf and Word (they are transformed to pdf during uploading) files.
You can acces them anywhere by using your name and password.

You can create folders in your library and easy reorganize – move files from one folder to other by drag-and-drop way.

You can create shared folders as well and invite your colleagues.

For more information read an interview with Victor Henning from Mendeley.

There isa large community of researchers and you can search the list of them by entering topic, e.g. “Knowledge management”. Today I have found 291 member who have research interest in knowledge management
Then you can contact them sending a message.



3 Responses to Mendeley – a tool for managing and sharing research papers

  1. Ricardo says:

    Thanks for introducing Mendeley to your readers. I noticed that you paid special interest to the online component – Mendeley Web. What are your thoughts on the desktop client – Mendeley Desktop?

    We are always interested in reading about user experiences and how we can make Mendeley better suited to their needs. Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or feedback. Or visit our feedback forum.

    • zigmasb says:

      Mendeley desktop is rather friendly to apply. Therfore I did not mentioned it. Perhaps it would be useful to add some note to HELP about uploading Word files. Other small note – before moving your selected file to SHARED GROUPS you at first need to create new shared group with your selected name. I have invited science secretary of Mathematics and Informatics Institute to share my files as we both are working in Knowledge management about 20 years and he was glad to get the invitation.

  2. Sai Gollapudi says:

    Thanx for this information. Useful. I am right now pursuing a PhD — still in my infancy — so this applies to me quite well. Good work. Cheers.

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