Online Web Research Services

I recommend to visit Weblog  Online Web Research Services

A short excerpt

How to do effective Web research:

• Use search engines effectively
• Focus your research on quality STM information only
• Find hidden scientific information online
• Locate peer-reviewed, subject-specific directories
• Set up subject-specific alerts that automatically e-mail you the latest news

we also offer web research on a variety of subjects such as:

• Web Research and Online Data Entry
• Web mining and listing
• Web research and Red Flag Report creation
• Online research and database creation
• Web search and more”

You should visit and one link  Outsourcing Web Research.


2 Responses to Online Web Research Services

  1. Had a look at your website. Seems like online web research services are picking up lately. Nice website… keep it up.

    • zigmasb says:

      It’s a pity that I cannot find more new Web research tools. I hoped that Microsoft OneNote will be an excellent tool. But it has a lot of perfect features but it lacks simple tagging – or maybe I did not find how to use their tagging system in simple and usefull way.. . Now I am collecting and saving an info using Topic Map – it means that all concepts are related with different types of relations and typically there is a few times more relations (associations) than info units.

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