iCyte – a tool for saving a whole webpage or part

I have downloaded iCyte – a tool for saving a whole webpage or its part.

ICyte can be used tiogether with Firefox and IE browsers and you can read info with other browsers ( I have used Chrome).

A short excerpt from the tool homepage
Familiar workflow

Cyte enables you to highlight and save text on any webpaeg, allowing you to recall the most relevant information. You can save sections of webpages or the whole thing.

Powerfull search tools

Webpages you Cite are saved forever on our server, letting you return to your research even if the webpage has been deleted or modified.

Simple user sharing

Invite colleagues and friends to join your projects, discover new research, and share information.”

  • I have tested it using a slow internet as I live now in the village. I could only access to it and save a few  information pieces. But I did not tested a search and other features.


3 Responses to iCyte – a tool for saving a whole webpage or part

  1. John24 says:

    The information contained in this document represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. ,

  2. Sad29 says:

    ID, but can use any name as identification on Yahoo! ,

  3. Marc says:

    I find that iCyte does not save around 30% of pages.
    It’s frustrating because you only find out later when trying to view an archived page, by whic time the orriginal no longer exists.

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