An Elegant and Powerful Social Web Clipping Tool

I have started to test a new tool It is pleasant that it works with a slow internet that I use when I am in the village.

Below a short excerpt about features is a web clipping/social bookmarking tool that makes snipping items of text from across the web a breeze. After sign up, which takes just a few seconds thanks to Facebook connect, you can use the sites bookmarklet or Firefox/Internet Explorer extensions to save clippings from across the web and access them via your account in either PDF, DOC, TXT or HTML.

The Turkish startup makes is keen to point out that they are not interested in replacing the likes of Delicious but rather focused on becoming a researchers tool by helping you save the most valuable part of an article or the most important part of a web site. saves the is stored on for future reference.

You can share your finds on Twitter, Facebook, Digg and various social bookmarking tools. You can also email the link off to friends in a matter of seconds, though they’ll need to sign up if they want to leave a comment – something I hope will change.


One Response to An Elegant and Powerful Social Web Clipping Tool

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