Software for Research (using Windows)

I have found a very intersting and large list of software for research.

Main categories of software is below in fheshort excerpt of the webiste:



  • notetaking programs, outliners, clipboard extenders
  • all-purpose information managers
  • spreadsheets and databases
  • web page downloads and annotation
  • file managers for electronic & paper files
  • bibliography and citation management software
  • interviewing and transcription software
  • storage, back-ups, security
  • web logs; peer-to-peer collaboration
  • computer utilities



  • document software
  • presentation software and advice
  • web and email presentations


    3 Responses to Software for Research (using Windows)

    1. Inger says:

      All of the links in the post “Software for Research (using Windows)” leads to 404 pages. Would be so glad if you could you link them right again. These resources seems to be very interesting for me, hope the content isn´t lost.

      Kind Regards

      • zigmasb says:

        Merry Christmas, Inger.
        It ‘s pity but links do not open. It is typical situation taht some time later you cannot find an information if you save only the link. Therfore I recommned my students and colleagues to use Web research (web clipping, note taking and so on ) tools that enable saving full text, I use Evernote, Cintanotes, Zotero and now I try to do best using Micorosft OneNote 2010. I should be gald to answer you more exactly if you write me what are your goals. Once more, merry Christmas. Zigmas

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      […]Software for Research (using Windows) « Zigmas’ Weblog[…]…

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