Wareseeker – a website to find Web research, Web clipping and other software

January 31, 2010

You can search for a Web research, Web clipping,  note taking or other software on the wareseeker website.


Search for Web research, Web clipping, note taking etc tools

January 25, 2010

You can find a lot of Web research, Web clipping, note taking etc tools when entering a query to website http://software.informer.com

Working the web – 4 Web research tools

January 20, 2010

You can find a short review of four Web research tools:

  • Evernote
  • Ubernote
  • Webnotes
  • Zotero.

You will find a short information about paid versions as well.  And you will find the link to professional Web research tool – Questia.

Research Resources – large collection of Dr M. Zillmann Jan 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

You might look at the new large links collection RESEARCH RESOURCES version Jan 11, 2010 that is periodically updated by Dr. Marcus P. Zillmann.  You wil find links about Evernote, Onfolio, Webnotes, Zotero but I did not find links about Ubernote and some other Web research or Web clipping tools.