Content marketing, note taking, analytics and reporting

August 29, 2016

It would be interesting to develop note taking app that would enable better content marketing, analytics including anlytical report generation etc. Such an app could be used for better business decision, creative problem solving, more effective social media content using etc. I shall be happy to collect the team for developing such an app – I have developed the specification draft and I have an experience in AI, semantic project management etc. Problem is financing of such project. But maybe we shall find enthusiasts and develop the app better than Evernote or Onenote. My twitter my email


Hashtags system for twitter

August 23, 2016

We shall use simple hierarchical system that will be upgraded when you need.
Hashtags types:
– related to content, e.g. #content, #contentCuration
– service , e.g. #see201609, #try201608
– for reporting, e.g. rptAnalytic01 (it means “report about analytic, chapter 01”
We need to get answer if we can change twitter information that is stored.

twitter, hashtags, WordPress

August 23, 2016

I like collecting information by using twitter. But then I want to find all collected information on my twitter. Therefore it is very important to develop some hashtags storing system that enables simple search of hashtags. One solution is using WordPress for storing hashtags.

Ontology of #hashtags used in twitter

August 23, 2016

I shall try to develop hashtags ontology and sore them in the WordPress blog.

E.g. #content #contentCuration #curation

#tool #tip #Guide #critical #benefit



#guide #tip #tool


An integrated semantic app –

August 6, 2016

I should like to propose to develop an integrated semantic app:

  1. Note taking features with semantic enrichment
  2. Project management tasks using Petri net structure
  3. Analytical reporting using semantic enrichment of note taking and Social media apps
  4. Creative problem solving using  3D or 4D ontology and note taking intormation
  5. Ontology visualization using 3D or 4D ontology
  6. Ideas generation using 3D or 4D ontology
  7. Development of Guides
  8. Development of training courses