Topics of AI etc

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

– Knowledge Representation and Cognition (e.g. Neural Networks models,
Conceptual Spaces, Ontologies etc.)
– Cognitive Architectures (e.g. SOAR, ACT-R) and Cognitive modelling for
Artificial Systems
– B.I.C.A. (Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures) and systems
– Cognitive Robotics
– Human-Robot Interaction
– Evaluation of cognitively driven AI systems compared with other AI
– Cognition and Semantic Web
– Methodological open questions on AI and Cognition
– Automated reasoning: deductive, probabilistic, diagnostic, causal and
analogical inference
– Human-Computer Interaction
– Historical and theoretical relation among Cognitive Science and
Artificial Intelligence
– Knowledge discovery and acquisition
– Modelling of human learning and knowledge acquisition in complex domains
– Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing & Understanding
– Logic and Reasoning
– Evolutionary Computation
– Cognitively inspired Machine Learning
– Computational Theories of Learning
– Computational Models of Narrative for Artificial Systems (Visuo-Auditory
Narrativity, Perception)
– Cognition and Moving Image
– Computational Creativity
– Decision Support Systems

Topics for the special session on Argument and Cognition include links
of Argumentation with:

– Human Reasoning

– Human Decision Making

– Comprehension

– Persuasion

– Learning

– Computational Cognition

– Cognitive Systems design


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