iGlue – is it future tool for research?

March 25, 2009

I have tried the FIRST functional demo of new very interesting tool – iGlue
It can be used only with Firefox or Safari .
Applications – search (and research), targeted advertising, joint untilization of “info-bricks” usinng it in collaborative way.

A short info about it (excerpt from the blog):

It is an online interface that is a search engine and content organizer, capable of intelligently rearranging and defragmenting the internet’s broken up data piles, establishing interlinked entities based hierarchies in the process. It organizes interrelated images, videos, people, concepts, notions, ideas and geographical places into cohesive data structures.

The heart of iGlue is what we call the hyper-data model. With the help of hyper-data any text, data, image, video or any other database entry can become a data junction. iGlue reads and understand the web pages meaningful content and then with a single click it organizes and builds an interlinked net of data relating to that chosen content. The building blocks of this data net are the individual data junctions linked together like Lego pieces.

Very short instruction

Click “iGlue_DEMO
Click “iGlue_annotate” on the right upper corner
Click any green word in the text
Click any green word (if they are) in the new small window
Click Timetable on the bootom
Click other green word in the NYTimes – you will see more tab in the small window.