17 Noteworthy Alternatives To Google Notebook

January 28, 2009

There is a list of tols to replace Google Notebook.

But me and other commentators are surprised that Evernote is not mentioned in the list.

Evernote is only mentioned at the beginning

Google’s decision to discontinue development of Google Notebook had some users petitioning to save it, while rival service Evernote is already offering Google Notebook imports. So for those left in the cold, and those not yet sold on Evernote, what are your options for alternatives?


Evernote, Zoho et al eyeing for Google Notebook Users

January 23, 2009

A short info how these web clipping services (Evernote, Zoho, Ubernote, Diigo)  “are working extra hard to win over Google Notebook users who may be searching for new homes for their data as Google is discontinuing Notebook.

From Google Notebook to Evernote or Zoho Notebook

January 23, 2009

Different Web research or Web clipping tools enables export Google Notebook to these tools.

Read Evernote blog Welcome You Fine Google Notebook Users to get info how export from Google Notebook and import to Evernote.

You can find other info about import from Google Notebook to  Zoho Notebook.