Using the Internet as a Dynamic Resource Tool for Knowledge Discovery

December 16, 2009

It’s a new Dr Marcus P. Zillman collection of different links about Knowledge Discovery. It contains an  interesting section about Virtual Representatives and ChatterBots that “are just beginning a new “era” in knowledge discovery with customers beginning to feel somwwhat comfortable talking to a “computer.

The big question will be how quickly and competently will the customer be served with their questions to their requests”


15 Effective Tools for Visual Knowledge Management

June 12, 2009

I have read very interesting list of Knowledge visualization tools. Read both  the post and comments. They can be used when you carry on research.

An excerpt from the blog

Most traditional personal knowledge management (PKM) or personal information management (PIM) applications offer the same basic set of features:

* Storage of notes and documents
* Search functionality and keyword/tagging capability
* Outline view in a traditional hierarchy, or user-defined views
* Task management, calendar, and contact management (mainly PIM, not KM)

These are essential features, however don’t offer too much to the more visually-inclined knowledge junkies. For visual learners and information visualization fans, having a graphical representation of knowledge and seeing how things relate is a must have feature.  Luckily, in the past few years there has been a rise in the number of knowledge management applications that offer this capability.  The following is a list of interesting /unique / effective tools for knowledge management and information visualization (not listed in any particular order):

Kreeo – a new KM system that can be used as a Web research (Web clipping) tool as well

January 25, 2009

Look at a new system Kreeo that can be very successfully used for Web research (Web clipping).

Kreeo developers in India  describe their system as a Knowledge Management platform:

“} Kreeo is a knowledge management (structured and unstructured) platform for the enterprises and masses with dynamic portal support

Kreeo as a KM platform can be used as a

– Web research (online research) tool

– Web clipping tool

– note taking (capturing) and saving tool

– social discussion tool (forums, question-answers, polls)

– blog

– storage for knowledge (concepts with descriptions and detail info at lower level)

– public and personal tool

– communication tool

– and more.

They enable to save information of different types (text, graphic, photo).

You can very easy capture info from the Web and save both in your personal notebook (you can create a number of notebooks) or public notebook ( ERRORNO PUBLIC NOTEBOOKS – I have received such a comment from kreeo developer).

As Kreeo is beta not all features are operating now. I am waiting for a feature – capturing info from RSS as I browse each day a lot of RSS and I should like to save my selected info.

There are more usefull features and shall write about them later.

Kreeo is beta so far but and now you can use it for a lot of different purposes.