Engaging Students as Researcher through Internet use

January 20, 2009

I see that my blog visitors are interested in Web research tools for education and students.

Therefore I should like to recommend students and lecturers an interesting article Engaging Students as Researchers through Internet use.

A short excerpt

Information Gathering: students appreciated a wide range of options and felt that the Internet allowed them more choices. They also expressed awareness of the pitfalls of searching the Web and cautioned against gathering too much information without focusing their topic or evaluating their results as they progressed in their research.

    Discovery: students appreciated the exposure to new perspectives and areas of research–essentially the increased opportunity for serendipitous events.
    Connectivity: students liked the brainstorming aspect of Web searches and how they would return to their searching strategy as new information appeared. Students also made connections in terms of sequencing tasks and developed a sense of the connections emerging between their sources.
    Evaluation: students want to read a lot of articles to find the “best ones.” They expressed awareness of practicing more caution in their choices and understood the need to look at sites for the publisher’s bias.

How replace Google Notebook

January 18, 2009

Those who are interested how to replace Google Notebook (more and more info about Google discontinue Google Notebook service)  should look at cnet info

Seven worthy Google Notebook repalcements

You wiil find short info and recommendations how to replace by

  • Evernote
  • Zoho Notebook
  • Clipmarks
  • Ubernote
  • Springnote
  • Delicous
  • Magnolia

Select next tool evaluating your needs, tools using type and all tools benefits and advantages.  Some short info about tools you will find in my previous blogs.