How to analyze a collected info?

November 17, 2008

I use Evernote now and I collected more than 3600 information clips. There are some different goals why I collect and save the inforamtion:

  • I save it as I need to update three courses for my Univeristy (knowledge management, eWork and groupowork (team work).
  • I save as I plan to particpate in some new projects (wellness, eHealth, local government, eGovernment, eSkills etc)
  • I save when I have prepare some review in month or a shorter time.

Therefore when I collect and save I try to add tags about importance and date when I plan to read and analyze the saved item .

When I nedd to write a report I retrieve information, browse it and update my tags and add new tags.

Then I export selected information sources and often i save them in table format.

Then I select once more the most important clips and save them in th eother column.

Then I copy and paste this column with the main inforamtion and get some abstract or short summary.

I have used Copernicus Summarizer as well but it is convienent to use it only for one source but not many at once.


A very interesting blog about notemarking

July 10, 2008

Today I have found a very interesting blog Cloudnotes about
notetaking and bookmarking on the web, or notemarking..

The term “NOTEMARKING” is coined by blog author. Author’s preliminary definition
Notemarking is
“The use of software, either client- or web-based, to store, organize, search, manage, and potentially share or synchronize information, including—but not limited to—Web content and hyperlinks.”

Blog author points out blog content:
This blog is born out of frustration. There’s no one perfect solution for taking notes on the Web. But there’s no shortage of imperfect, not-quite-there applications and ideas. This is my quest for the best way to keep our heads in the clouds.

Blog author evaluates Evernote, Google Notebook, Zoho Note and other tools and
writes about his proposal.

I strongly recommend to subscribe to the blog Cloudnotes.

And I want once more to remind different related terms concerning Web research:

  • Web research
  • Online research
  • Internet research
  • e-research
  • Web clipping
  • Notemarking
  • Online Notebook (e.g., Google Notebook, Zoho Notebook).

EverNote – find on the Web, select, capture and retieve any type of info

March 22, 2008

A few days ago I had started testing and using a very interesting tool Evernote .

Main features

Whether you’re an organizational pro or can’t spell GTD, with EverNote you can capture what you like and find it anytime. Our intuitive UI and advanced recognition allow you to capture and search through
mobile phone snapshots,
webpage clips,
images of printed and handwritten text,
and much, much more.

EverNote lets you…

  • Create notes with text, snapshots, web clips, handwriting, and digital ink
  • Sync snapshots from your mobile phone or PDA
  • Search through text, images, notes, and more
  • Share your notes with friends via email and IM
  • Use Google Desktop Search® to quickly find notes
  • Organize and categorize notes manually or automatically

What’s new in EverNote 2.2

  • Improved search for printed and handwritten text within images
  • Auto-import snapshots from your camera phone
  • Google Desktop Search® compatibility
  • Universal Clipper with image markup
  • Open, arrange, and edit notes in separate windows
  • Basic image editing right inside EverNote
  • Product feature comparison

OneNote and EverNote

February 12, 2008

Other commercial alternatives to Onfolio include Microsoft OneNote and EverNote.

Free Web Clipping Tools: Permanently Save Anything That You Find On The Internet

February 12, 2008

Free Web Clipping Tools: Permanently Save Anything That You Find On The Internet

The best online research tools for saving web clipping, images, text and other content from web pages to the hard drive or to your online account so you have access to your clipped information everywhere. We look at Onfolio, EverNote, OneNote, Google Notebook and Iterasi.

More: continued here