Biznar – beta free and the first federated search portal AND business research website

October 23, 2008

I recommend to try a new  Biznar (, a publicly available business research website:

“Deep Web Technologies debuted a beta version of the first of its line of free, federated search portals, Biznar (, a publicly available business research website. Using Deep Web’s highly sought-after federated search technology, Explorit Research Accelerator, Biznar scans the best business websites on the Internet, including blogs, news sites, patent sources, search engines and deep web sources, returning the most relevant results to one, easily navigable, ranked page. Federated search is the future of search because of its ease and power to find content not normally indexed by the popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and others.”



Web research tools lists

September 8, 2008

Yo can find very large lists of tools on the


You need to enter search query, e.g

  • web research (search result – 812 software – both freeware and paid tools)
  • online research (search result – 592 software)
  • web clipping (search result – 89software)
  • note saving (search result – 662 software

and look at search result and download selected tools.

I have checked query “Web research” and I have found almost all tools that I have commented at my blog.

iBreadCrumbs – free and nice tool for Web research

June 5, 2008

A few days ago I have downloaded very interesting  free tool for Web research iBreadCrumbs. Users – students, teachers, professionals and researchers.

A short extract about this tool ( was founded by two California State University Fullerton (CSUF) graduates, Reuben Fine and Rey Marques, who, as students, became extremely frustrated at the inefficiency and redundancy of gathering research. They created this site to empower students and researchers worldwide to save and share their research with others in a fast, free and easy way. Users simply download the free iBreadCrumbs toolbar, search the Internet as usual and click on the webpages visited to share with others. Users can also add notes and references to every page visited and save the web history for colleagues to see the sites and review the content they viewed – saving time and reducing redundancy in gathering research.