Google Notebook

February 12, 2008

Google Notebook – If you want quick access to all your web research while on the move, Google Notebook is the only decent choice. This online web clipping tool from Google is available for IE, Firefox and they also have a version for mobile phones so you can take notes from your iPhone or BlackBerry.

One of the most useful features in Google Notebook is the integration with Google Web search. You can save any search result to online Google Notebook by clicking the Note This link that appears next to every search result on

Google Notebook Web Clippings

The sharing features in Google Notebook are also impressive. You can publish certain notebooks as public so anyone (including search engine bots) can read your web clips like a regular web page. Alternatively, you can invite friends or family members to work together on a particular notebook. Nice option if you want to do some collaborative research for a group project or an upcoming vacation.

Google Notebook are currently not supported on Apple Safari or Opera.


Free Web Clipping Tools: Permanently Save Anything That You Find On The Internet

February 12, 2008

Free Web Clipping Tools: Permanently Save Anything That You Find On The Internet

The best online research tools for saving web clipping, images, text and other content from web pages to the hard drive or to your online account so you have access to your clipped information everywhere. We look at Onfolio, EverNote, OneNote, Google Notebook and Iterasi.

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