A list of interesting 10 note taking applications

August 21, 2008

April 2008 and When we analyse Web research tools we see that different terms to name the cateogory of these tools are used.

A few days ago I have found a very interesting  list of 10 Online Note taking Applications.

It means that a new term “Note taking application” is used.

Now I live in the village and have a very slow mobile internet. Therefore I have problems to analyse and evaluate all these tools.

If somebody will try to analyse thses tools and send your comment it wopuld be perfect.

The list includes such tools:

  • Evernote ( I suppose that it is the best Web research tools now)
  • Google Notes
  • UberNote
  • Springnote
  • WebAsystNotes
  • Luminotes
  • Stikkit
  • Fruitnotes
  • Notefish
  • Zoho Notebook

I am using very successfuly Evernote since April 2008 and I have tried preliminary only Google Note and Notefish.


40 Sites You Might Actually Use

June 26, 2008

There is anumber of web sites lists you should use.

Steve Spalding proposes one more list that includes sites of such categories:

  • News and bookmarking (Twine and other)
  • Conversation (Twitter and other)
  • Multimedia (Voxant and other)
  • Productivity ( I Want Sandy and other)
  • Blogging (Sitemeter and other)
  • Feeds (Google reader and other)
  • General interest (TextOnPhone and other)

Author writes that he use any of them at least one a month.