Powerset – more nice feature

May 13, 2008

Today we can  access Powerset.

Yesterday I wrote about some nice Powerset features.

Today I should like to pay attention to one more feature.

When you select one of search results on the right you see a box Article outline

Below is the SWITCH “Show outline – Show Factz

and at the botoom of the box you see other box with text of your query and buttonGo

It is interesting to  analyze content when you select and click either one of the items in  the Outline

or one item in Factz .


Powerset – natural language search – coming soon

May 12, 2008

During a few months I have participated in testing on a new natural language search engine Powerset.\

It is coming soon – today or tomorrow. I shall not be able to have internet access tomorrow therefore I write preliminary comments.

The engine has a number of very interesting features:

1. You enter a query in natural language. It means that you do not need to think about keywords and can get more relevant search results. It means more deep search as well.

2. When you get search results you easy see not full document or webpage but highligted sentences that are relevant to your query.

3. You see semantic environment of your search results. It means that you see a content of the document and you see both related terms and actions you can do for more relevant search.

4. You can select and click the new term or action and then you will see the relevant part of the document or webpage in the content at the right of the document.

5. Powerset team used very nice friendly and interesting tool for collecting feedback.

Best wishes for Powerset team.