EverNote – find on the Web, select, capture and retieve any type of info

March 22, 2008

A few days ago I had started testing and using a very interesting tool Evernote http://www.evernote.com/about/ .

Main features

Whether you’re an organizational pro or can’t spell GTD, with EverNote you can capture what you like and find it anytime. Our intuitive UI and advanced recognition allow you to capture and search through
mobile phone snapshots,
webpage clips,
images of printed and handwritten text,
and much, much more.

EverNote lets you…

  • Create notes with text, snapshots, web clips, handwriting, and digital ink
  • Sync snapshots from your mobile phone or PDA
  • Search through text, images, notes, and more
  • Share your notes with friends via email and IM
  • Use Google Desktop Search® to quickly find notes
  • Organize and categorize notes manually or automatically

What’s new in EverNote 2.2

  • Improved search for printed and handwritten text within images
  • Auto-import snapshots from your camera phone
  • Google Desktop Search® compatibility
  • Universal Clipper with image markup
  • Open, arrange, and edit notes in separate windows
  • Basic image editing right inside EverNote
  • Product feature comparison