What I need when analyzing a saved information?

November 22, 2008

I typically collect information during a few months or more using Evernote. Evernote has a list of nice features. But I think that some enhancements will be very usefull.

I should like to have TWO FILES as a result:

  1. A report with selected or retrieved clips
  2. Reference list

It would be useful if I could SORT clips using service tags (importance, date etc)

To select or retrieve clips I browse folders and/or retrieve in two ways:

  • using existing tags
  • searching using one (full or part) or a few keywords.

It would be very convienent if I could see a list of tags when I start to type keyword.

Other SUGGESTION. When browsing clips I highlight information. And it would be very useful if I could save automatically only highlighted parts of clips with title and URL.


User reviews more persuasive than branded websites

November 21, 2008

Today I have read about very interesting statistics concerning PRODUCTS Web research .

Two thirds of European internet users consider user reviews more important than brands’ own websites, when deciding which product to purchase online, research has found.

According to the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), 64 per cent of Europeans consider personal recommendations important when researching products and services, followed by the websites of well-known brands (49 per cent).”


Top 10 Online Note Taking Applications

November 21, 2008

I have read an interesting blog about  Top 10 Online Note Taking Applications.

Different Web research tools (or Note taking applications) are shortly described, e.g. Evernote, Google Notes, Ubernote and other.

I shoul like to recommend to read not only the blog but comments as well. You will find other interesting tools as well over there.

How to analyze a collected info?

November 17, 2008

I use Evernote now and I collected more than 3600 information clips. There are some different goals why I collect and save the inforamtion:

  • I save it as I need to update three courses for my Univeristy (knowledge management, eWork and groupowork (team work).
  • I save as I plan to particpate in some new projects (wellness, eHealth, local government, eGovernment, eSkills etc)
  • I save when I have prepare some review in month or a shorter time.

Therefore when I collect and save I try to add tags about importance and date when I plan to read and analyze the saved item .

When I nedd to write a report I retrieve information, browse it and update my tags and add new tags.

Then I export selected information sources and often i save them in table format.

Then I select once more the most important clips and save them in th eother column.

Then I copy and paste this column with the main inforamtion and get some abstract or short summary.

I have used Copernicus Summarizer as well but it is convienent to use it only for one source but not many at once.

Lumifi – a new tool for collaborative research

October 15, 2008

Lumifi is a new free tool for students, academia, professionals and enterprises.

Lumifi integrates different stages of research:

  • searching on the Web
  • content analyzing of websites and papers (documents)
  • typing notes
  • creating a list of notebooks that may be used as parts of your research
  • creating your research.

Lumifi interface needs some time to understand it as Lumifi lack HELP. There is only small FAQ.

Lumifi benefits as it is  is using Synapse content analyzer that enables evaluate search result and provide a small list of relevant search results, generate a summary of website or document and provide a list of topics related to the document.

Synapse content analyzer is a product of two engines – data mining engine and semantic analysis engine.

You will find and more benefits after getting more experience when using Lumifi.l

Web research tools lists

September 8, 2008

Yo can find very large lists of tools on the

website http://search.wareseeker.com

You need to enter search query, e.g

  • web research (search result – 812 software – both freeware and paid tools)
  • online research (search result – 592 software)
  • web clipping (search result – 89software)
  • note saving (search result – 662 software

and look at search result and download selected tools.

I have checked query “Web research” and I have found almost all tools that I have commented at my blog.

Ubernote – a new free tool

August 28, 2008

I have started to try a new tool Ubernote .

The main features:

  • saving selected Web information (clips or bookmarks),
  • type notes or send them by email to Ubernote,
  • sharing with your friends (choose whether they edit or simply read)
  • add notes to UberNote using your mobile phone.

The tool has a nice and easy to use interface.
Other nice feature – I use the tool using slow internet in the village. It is faster than Google Note or some other but slower than Evernote.

You can sort notes by different ways. You need carefully add tags to notes as there is no files and you can find  and reuse your notes only by sorting and browsing, by searching, by selecting tags, by selecting marked important notes.
It would be useful if a few importance levels would be used.

A short info about tool developers.

UberNote is the work of a few Penn State University graduates who have been building software for the past 10 years across many industries.